One of the key challenges for organizations today is to enable their talent to perform at a high level in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex business environment. Traditional approaches to learning solutions are no longer equipped to deliver the business impact that organizations need.
Performance-Centric Approach
Design and Development
Measurement and Evaluation
In the past we have provided the Training content to Voltas for RAC, Home appliance, Multi-Skill Technician  toTo develop training course content to impart skills through skill centers under Voltas - CSR Program.  Aim to help students to enhance their employability and grab better employment opportunities in India and overseas. The following course content is covered; 
1. Training Content
    - Course Syllabus  ( Attached course outline for both courses) 
    - Out come based hands on activities during practical sessions. 
    - Covering Basic science /Installation/ Fault diagnosis /Repair
    -  Soft /Life skills and daily communication 
    - Role of a Trainee during OJT activity
    - Video capsules for critical learning 
    - Job Description post successful course completion / certification
    - Pre assessment / Post assessment weekly /  Monthly & Final
2.  Training Manual ( Soft copy)
     -  Day wise content in PPT 
     -  Theory with video/animation wherever ever required
3.  Trainee – Reference Booklet Content
4.  Trainer – Reference Guide 
5.   ToT -   Five days ToT  on the content completion and Refresher after 3 months